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Do you need some extra hands due to an uptick in production, maybe several pairs of extra hands? Do you have office personnel taking a leave and need to have someone to fill in until they return? Or are you adding a second shift or did you just land that big contract? These situations and others like them are where RI Temps can help your company maintain your workflow without increasing your employment levels and future liabilities.

The Dollars and Cents of Using Temps

Our first and foremost concern is to provide our clients with qualified temporary and direct hire employees. Our accurate and reliable employee skills evaluation process ensures that we will fill a temporary or direct hire opening with the best qualified candidate. Each position requires precise attention to detail and we communicate with each of our clients to ensure we provide the right person for the job.

We Make It Easy On You

Since RI Temps employees are “our” employees, we assume all payroll deductions. These include federal and state withholding taxes, workers compensation, unemployment and disability insurance and FICA. We provide W-2 forms at year end to our employees and comply with all federal I-9 laws plus e-verify which cuts down your paperwork and eliminates other HR tasks you would normally have to do.

RI Temps carry general liability, worker’s compensation and employer’s liability on all of our temporary employees. A certificate of insurance is available upon request.

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